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Sophomore Dorm Room Reveal

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

My second year at college I lived on campus and was a Resident Assistant for my floor in Martin Hall. Not only did I get to live on campus for free, but I was also paid for time worked as an RA, usually organizing social and community activities for the women on the floor. It was awesome having my own room, though I still had to share the bathroom.

Each room was assigned a microwave, mini-fridge, couch, and I got to use both closets (the room was designed for double occupancy)! Technically it was bigger than my room at home. None of the furniture was built-in so I was also able to play with the layout until I figured out what I wanted. I grew quite spoiled with the set-up.

My bed and chest of drawers.

My desk (to the left of the chest of drawers).

My little kitchenette.

My sitting area.

My side table and "RA Hotline."

My wall decor.

My dorm door.

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If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission.


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