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Closet Organization

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

A quick glimpse at how I organize my closet.

This is about 85% of all my clothes, shoes, and accessories.

I also have three drawers where I keep undergarments, knit shirts, and workout wear.I have two picnic baskets: one where I store swimsuits & beach items, and another for all my painting clothes. Underneath my bed are two storage bins: one for my night clothes, and sweatshirts.Some of my winter wear is stored in vintage luggage. Its mostly wool items, gloves, hats, and scarves. My coats are in the spare bedroom.

The top racks consists of (from left to right): tops, bottoms, skirts, casual dresses, scarves, sweaters, jackets, business casual to better dresses, evening wearing, and speciality items.For the shirts they are organized by collar, sleeve length, and then color. Sweaters are separated and placed in the back for the season.  

On the shelf underneath the shirts, are items to be mended and travel bags. 

At our Brooklyn apartment my clothes were on multiple different racks hense the different hangers. I used wooden ones for dresses, pants, and skirts, velvet ones for tops, and white plastic ones for outerwear.

The top shelf is a little of the mess.

From left to right: In the storage bags on the far left include my graduate graduation gown and my prom dress. In the basket are my old journals. In the middle is my sewing box and on top are my sewing patterns. In the storage bag are winter base layers and wools. On the top right in the picnic basket are costumes I have collected over the years.

On the left in the storage bin from bottom to top are future books to read, and dress shoes. My purse collection is on top of the bins. My ball caps are pinned to the wall just above the purses. On the right are my shoes: Boots on top, then sneakers, then wedges and loafers, and waterproof shoes on the bottom. My summer shoes and sandals are along the floor. On the right hidden behind the wall I have some wrapping paper stored.

I utilize the door knobs to hold my masks,


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