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Brooklyn Apartment #3 Reveal

Within my first year of moving to Brooklyn, I found myself having lived in three apartments with three different roommate situations. In this apartment I stayed for a full year until I found a deal I couldn't resist (I wasn't looking, it just fell into my lap). This was the most expensive place I lived while in Brooklyn, but it was spacious, there was a washer/dryer in unit, and it wasn't a long commute to both my grad school and work. I lived here with two others (we all had private bedrooms), we shared a common space and kitchen, and I shared a bathroom with one of my roommates.

Bed and Desk

I had just finished moving in. The pink sticky notes are where I planned on hanging specific items. Bunny and Franklin seemed happy with the situation. There was more space in this room than at the last apartment, but that was mostly because I opted for a twin bed instead of a full. I used my desk as a makeshift bedside table.

My Art Setup

My corner windows & storage solutions

My tall chest of drawers.

There was a hidden drawer in the top section! I didn't fit in my new apartment, so I gave it to my former roommate when I moved out.

Not pictured: My teeny tiny closet to the left of the chest of drawers.


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