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  • Kerstin

Sweet Potato Latkes

I love them a Latke!

When I was in elementary school my dad would randomly, though not-too-frequently, make potato pancakes for breakfast on Saturday. Normally the Saturday morning routine was cinnamon rolls and bacon, but if he had the extra time (and maybe just extra potatoes) these special crispy treats were made. I know my brothers probably preferred hash browns, but I really loved these growing up.

This recipe substitutes in sweet potatoes for white potatoes offering a more earthy taste. It also suggests you put scallions in the batter versus onion powder, which really takes these to the next level in my book. There are some traditionalists who think only applesauce should be served with Latkes, but I like serving it with the untraditional sour cream, and the way-out-there chipotle mayo that T likes.


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