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Weekly Diversions

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

And a Savory Dutch Baby Recipe.

Roses: Going through my entire chore list early on Sunday allowing myself time for self care. Small victories make all the difference. I had my favorite ice cream (Rocky Road) that I did not binge all at once, and I limited myself to one Peanut Butter Cookie a day. T's dad made a really delicious hibiscus iced tea that we enjoyed all weekend, and I remembered to make ice coffee most of the week the night before. I got my new leggings in from Gap (my old ones had a hole in them) so yay to replacement leggings!

Buds: It has been consistently cool so the windows have been open and the AC off a lot more. We have had a couple thunderstorms here, and I love being able to smell the storm coming in and listening to the rain thumping as it hits the ground.

Thorns: I broke three nails in four hours doing nothing out of the ordinary, I did not get to work out as much as a I wanted to last week, and I keep tripping over the puppy.Someone ate my remaining two peanut butter cookies even though they were in a bag with my name on them. I never made it to UPS to send packages to family, maybe it will happen this next week.

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash media.


T and I are still playing Mass Effect. We are about 3/4 of the way through the game.

Photo courtesy of EA.


King of the Hill, Season 11 (first time watching) & Brooklyn 99, Season 4 (third time watching), Superstore, Season 5 -- all are on Hulu.

T and I are watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 2 on Disney +.

Last week S (T's mom) and I watched Frozen 2, and started Call the Midwife (Madmen is no longer on Netflix). We have both seen parts of it before, but we wanted to start a series together.

Photos courtesy of their copyright holders.


This past week I finished The Little Friend by Donna Tarrt, Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech, and Ghosts and Murders of Manhattan by Elise Gainer. I am on Volume 9 of Bill Willingham's Fables.

Each Saturday night I am reading the latest chapter of Lore Olympus season 2 on Webtoon.

You can follow Rachel Smythe, the creator, here:

Photo courtesy of Rachel Smythe.


On Sunday, I made brunch for the house using a Dutch Baby recipe adapted from the September Issue of Martha Stewart Living. Here is Martha's traditional dutch baby recipe; I made a savory version using shallot and canadian bacon while also leaving out the vanilla and sugar.

Meanwhile, the sweet of the week was fudgey chocolate brownies and gooey chocolate chip cookies.


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