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  • Kerstin

Getting Started with German Baking

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Classic German Baking by Luisa Weiss has 124 different recipes categorized into eight different sections: cookies, cakes, yeasted cakes, tortes and strudels, savories, breads & rolls, Christmas favorites, and basics. Already I felt a little overwhelmed since apparently the standard categories aren’t cake, bread, cookies, and everything else. Food Network and The Great British Baking Show might not have been the best primers after all.

To make it easier on myself, I decided to categorize everything into my own two sections: sweet or savory. The plan is to make one savory and one sweet item one to two times a month until I am done with the entire book. I went through and quickly glanced at recipes and attempted to schedule “to bakes“ based around in-season produce (when applicable). I am part of a local CSA in Brooklyn, so I thought it would work double well to attempt to continue to be sustainable and support local farmers on this journey.

I will buy speciality ingredients as I need them, will re-do recipes that are total flops because of user-error, and maybe utilize baking supplies inherited from my mother that haven’t been used since the late 90’s (ala Pampered Chef).

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash Media

I appreciate the Luisa’s book talks about pantry ingredients (what they are, how to make them, or where to buy them in the USA), equipment (a huge list already of what I lack), and pronunciations of the German recipe titles. In true German fashion there are next to no pictures showing completed products! There is less anxiety about making it match the model, but a lot more moments of "am I even doing this right?".

Heres to testing, reflecting, and hoping the kitchen doesn’t turn into a total mess. Wish me luck.


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