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Weekly Diversions

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

The past two days have been really cool and crisp outside. Today was mostly rain, but yesterday when it was sunny it was perfect. It was so nice wearing a long sleeve outside going on a walk. This morning, we have the windows opened and just stayed in bed a little longer than we wanted smelling the air. Does this mean that fall is coming? In preparation for closed toe shoe weather, I started cleaning some of my sneakers so they will look and feel new come fall. I am starting with my white converse. I will let you know how that turns out.

Bunny is fully recovered and we are starting to notice his hair growing back where it was shaved for the IV and Ultrasound. My friend A brought her little fur babies home today; I hope she enjoys pet parent life. Lucy is giving S&M a run for their money; they are comparing having the puppy to having a newborn again.

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash media.


T and I are still playing Mass Effect. We are about 3/4 of the way through the game.

Photo courtesy of EA.


King of the Hill, Season 11 (first time watching) & Brooklyn 99, Season 3 (third time watching) -- all are on Hulu.

T and I are watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 1 on Disney +.

S (T's mom) and I have been watching a bunch of movies recently. Last week we watched Frozen. I watched The Greatest Showman over the weekend, and I also started Muppets Now!

Photos courtesy of their copyright holders.


Each Saturday night I am reading the latest chapter of Lore Olympus season 2. I can't wait to hear more news about how Jim Henson Company aka Disney is going to adapt it for the screen.

You can follow Rachel Smythe, the creator, here:

Photo courtesy of Rachel Smythe.


This past weekend I made T's grandmother's peanut butter cookies. They were quite excellent. There a couple of photos on my instal-story but I totally forgot to take a real picture to post.

Once you have the dough, roll into 1-inch balls before pressing them with forkto make a criss-cross shape. An alternative is to press them down with your fingers to create little ridges. **If you don't do the ball and then press the cookies will be a little crumbly, especially if you plan to freeze them. **

To elevate them, mix in some peanut butter morsels to the batter, or dip them in melted chocolate after they are baked.

And... I also forgot to take a picture of the amazing vegan vanilla cupcakes that S and I made. Ahh. We used a recipe from The Minimalist Baker's Everyday Cooking cookbook, but here are other similar recipes. All recipes on the site fall into one of three areas: 1) thirty minutes to prepare or less, 2) 10 ingredients on less, or 3) one bowl.


I really vibed with the the NY Times 'The Morning' this past week.

1. Nicole Tersigni shares perspectives on 'Mansplaining' utilizing 17th-Century art. Read the article here.

2. Stephanie Godot analyzes and speculates what might happen to the future of the fashion industry, comparing it to the 2008 Economy Crisis. Read the article here.

3. Many Nordicware items are on sale now at William Sonoma. If you are a fan of cupcakes, mini cakes, tea cakes, petit fours or naked cakes, you might like what you find.


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