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Weekly Diversions

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Bunny is doing much better. He is on three different medications, and he is going in for check-ups every 3-5 days. Hopefully he will start gaining some weight again, and we will be able to take him off his preventative medication. Meanwhile, once he is back to normal, we will begin his planned dental work. T and I have been researching office chairs all week, and we think we are ready to purchase. In exactly fourteen days, T's parents S&M will be getting their new Shih Tzu puppy. We will see how the dog and cat react to the young energy.

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash media.


T and I are playing Mass Effect.


King of the Hill, Season 11 (first time watching) & Brooklyn 99, Season 3 (third time watching) -- all are on Hulu. I finished Fargo, Season 3.

T and I are watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 1 on Disney +. We began and finished The Umbrella Academy, Season 2 on Netflix on Saturday.


Season 2 of Lore Olympus premiered last Saturday, and you can bet I was sitting there refreshing my screen until I was able to read it.


We had a surplus of limes so I made some lime bars on Sunday as well as some banana bread (we also have a surplus of frozen bananas because we seem to always let them go bad). I was excited to try the bar recipe as it touted minimal ingredients and time. It turned out quite good. The only thing that could elevate it more would be a layer of whipped cream.

For the banana bread, I ended up adding a cup of chopped pecans which gave it a delectable crunch. I can't wait to eat this for breakfast over the next couple of days.

Other Diversions:

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