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Weekly Diversions

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Weekly Diversions almost didn't happen this week. On Friday afternoon I received a call from Bunny's vet and I assumed it was to discuss a plan for his future dental care. Instead it was a request for me to take him to an animal emergency room ASAP. Though he was outwardly fine, his bloodwork showed his liver was under extreme duress. Bunny spent the weekend in the ICU, while I spent the weekend with my own anxiety. Bunny now is stable and at home, though we aren't sure what caused the spike. More investigation is needed to ensure he continues to be comfortable and healthy. He is pretty tired and he keeps licking his shaved patches. I am happy he is home, though I am constantly on edge. I want what is best for him, and it is emotionally hard when you are just waiting for answers.

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash media.

Playing: T and I finished Ghost of Tsushima. It was such a surreal and peaceful experience. I would highly recommend. The main plot at times is a little predictable, however, the side stories offer beautiful opportunities for self-exploration and the exploration of others. If you like Kurosawa films, or Shakespearean storylines, you will like Ghost of Tsushima. This game is rated mature mostly due to the graphic violence on screen but the whole premise is that it is a samurai game set in Feudal Japan during a Mongolian Invasion.

We started playing Mass Effect: Andromeda, and then we realized I needed a little more context regarding the world. Unfortunately, Andromeda could not be a stand alone spin-off. Instead, we are playing Mass Effect and its sequels, prior to completing Andromeda.

Watching: King of the Hill, Season 9 (first time watching) & Brooklyn 99, Season 3 (third time watching) & Fargo, Season 3 (first time watching) -- all are on Hulu.

T and I started watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 1 on Disney +.

Eating: I used this recipe in an attempt to make french macaroons on Sunday. Though they tasted fine, they did't look like traditional macaroons at all (#failed it). The edges are too brown, there wasn't a lot of rise and no feet, and my buttercream separated. Oh well. Next weekend I can try again.

Instead of raspberries for the buttercream, I substituted blackberries.

Other Diversions:In Ghost of Tsushima, your outfit selections affect your abilities in the game. Certain fashions increase and decrease select skills, but you can also customized your outfits with charms, headbands, weapons, and even go as far as dying pieces with the help of a merchant to match your personal tastes. On reddit you can follow GOTFashion to see some players' choices. I really appreciated the thought that players need to take when choosing their outfit depending on the situation, and the messages being conveyed through said wardrobe.


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