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Weekly Diversions

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

This past week was pretty low-key. I finished my taxes online, set-up my new easel in my new art studio, and re-organized my work files in my new filing cabinet. I still have three huge baskets of work items that need to find a home (supplies, papers, tech, etc.). I am really grateful that I still have a job, and have the luxury and privilege to work from home. Bunny has an ear infection, and hates being administered his medication which is a liquid that goes directly into his ears. He has had a lot more pouty faces than usual because of it. He was allowed down in the basement last week for the first time to be with T and I while we worked. He seems more content overall knowing we are in eyesight. T and I were supposed to take a walk at the Longmeadow Nature Preserve on Saturday, but that was pushed. Maybe this next weekend? Over FaceTime, I caught up with my dear friend A who moved to Los Angeles in summer 2019. The first 2 hours of our convo were personal updates, and then we talked business for maybe 15 minutes. We have "to do lists" for our catch-up talks. Yes, we are those people.

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash media.

Playing: Star Wars: The Fallen Order - T plays, while I watch offering advice for puzzles and exploring. We are considering streaming when we play. Anyone interested in joining?

Mini Games:

  • The NY Times Daily Mini Crossword - You and your friends can race remotely to see who finishes with the fastest time. My best is 56 seconds.

  • Dragons: Titan Uprising - Continue the How To Train Your Dragon story by training your own dragons! I really just want to see Hiccup be an awesome parent to his kids.

  • American Dad: Apocalypse Soon! - Right now its a little too heavy for me to participate in the battles, so I am mostly gathering resources and playing dress-up with the Rogers.

Watching: King of the Hill Season 9 (first time watching) & Brooklyn 99 Season 3 (third time watching)

Eating: I made these three recipes for Sunday Brunch! The fam said all were super delicious, though the fritters were gone first.

Herb & Green Frittata (4th recipe on the list).

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins (I substituted oat milk for almond milk)

Baked Apple Fritters (I substituted oat milk for whole milk)


  • For Pleasure - Over half way through with The Little Friend by Donna Tartt, author of The Goldfinch.

  • For Personal Growth/Lifestyle - First quarter of Freedom is a Constant Struggle by Angela Davis. I am trying to complete each chapter in one sitting instead of breaking off whenever I want.

  • For Professional Growth - N/A. I am giving myself a break right now since there are so many other things going on.


Personally, I hate wearing jeans sitting down all day. And they are even more uncomfortable after lunch. If you are looking for comfortable bottoms to wear with your workshirts while at your desk I can't recommend these items enough: Gap Leggings (currently on sale for $18), any Gap Joggers (I have many of these for bed and leisure), and AJISAI Joggers. All are under $50.

Other Diversions:

Journaling- I am still journaling at least 20 minutes on Sundays. Usually it is a quick highlight of the previous week and anything I want to reflect on. I started this journaling method in early April. I usually do it during the 15-20 minutes while I have a beauty mask on. If I journal for longer, its usually when my anxiety is getting the better of me, and I use it to ground myself.

Sewing - I want to try to make some face masks using the many free patterns that are online. I have a sewing machine so why not? I am just trying to figure out what I want to do about the fabric. I am thinking fabric samples might be the best way to go in order to have a variety of mask options.

If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission.


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