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  • Kerstin

17 Webtoon Comics to Read Right Now

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

This probably will not come as much of a surprise, but I love comics, graphic novels, and all sorts of animation. Its a different type of storytelling craftsmanship that I really appreciate. Growing up, my dad used to pull the Sunday comics out for me every week and we would read alongside eachother. And in middle school there was Inuyasha.

Unless I own the physical graphic novels (I am reading through Fables right now!) most of what I read is on Webtoon. Its really easy to download to your devices and you can set up notifications so you are alerted when series you subscribe to are updated.

I don't consider it as part of my reading list since most of what I consume takes less than 10 minutes to read (the short form maybe just 10 seconds). Usually, I catch up on Saturday or Sunday night, or when there is news on in the background. Going through all of my go-tos takes less than thirty minutes. Most of the series creators make their content in real time, so often you do have to wait a week or two for new episodes. Sometimes, even long if its the end of a season. All content is free, unless you can't wait for an upcoming episode date and want to pay for a fast pass which is essentially paying for early release.

Note: Some of these series do deal with traumatic and triggering themes, but there are usually warnings prior to episodes. I would say most content is designed for young adult to mature adult readers. Enjoy my favorites below.

Long Form Narratives

Short Form

xo, Kerstin

P.S. What are some of you favorite comics and where do you read them?

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