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Sophomore Dorm: Analysis

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Another room analysis! I had so much fun designing this room. I had a lot of space to work with, and without a roommate, I had freedom to do whatever I wanted.

I made a lot of things: the pom-poms hanging from the ceiling, the bedskirt, I also hand embroidered and built the headboard.

Still the green though. Its like a 1950's avocado green that you found on vintage appliances.

Here is a pom-pom tissue paper flower tutorial. Instead of making the edges pointy, I curved them to create a softer look.

All of the designs on the furniture are painters tape in green.

Lots of florals here. My pencil cup, the cork board, the stationery, my backpack, even my mousepad.

I did learn about keeping my desk mostly clear to allow me space to work.

The shelf on the left is one of those folding shelves - I think I saw it originally in a Skymall magazine. It was super easy to travel with. My perfume bottles (top shelf) are resting on a mirror. Pretty, but super dusty all the time. And another hair accessory organizer. I think that one was made from a Quaker Oats cylinder, paper, and glass candle holder.

Everything on the right was leftovers from my mom's kitchen, freebies, or items hastily bought. Honestly, there needs to be a healthy eating college cookbook for microwave or raw items. I swear it would sell. This is when I became reliant on microwave dinners... That kitchen cart was amazing minus the bum wheel.

Here is a Quaker Oats Headband Organizer tutorial.

I was so proud of those pillows! They were Vera Bradley napkins and placemats that I sewed myself. I still love the blues.

My childhood quilt I used to cover the hideous 80's couch.

I found the woven carpet at Home Goods.

I used the pink trunk for storage and as a coffee table. I had this in my freshman dorm under my bed. I though it was cool to have a trunk since everyone in Harry Potter took one to school too.

I painted that side table; it was $14 from Target. I ended up giving it away to my Residence Hall Director at the end of the year. Each leg had a different type of flower running up the side.

I spray painted the edges of cheap canvases black and glued on designs from an old Vera Bradley wall calendar to create this display.

The monogram canvas is actually the back of a box lid!

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