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My Sentimental Books

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

As a book lover, avid reader, and literature major I quickly accumulated a massive book collection. When I was younger I always wanted to Belle's library from Beauty in the Beast. I saved all my precious books with the hopes that one day my future home would have a library just as large, and I would have a place to display and visit all my favorite stories.

After moving to New York City I realized how unrealistic it was to lug around all of the books around. Most were cheap paperback copies, or items I would never read again. So I downsized. I am currently planning a post about how I did that. This post is to highlight items I kept and why.

All the books in my sentimental book collection are either: gifts by someone who hold a special place in my life, books I read during a pivotal moment in my life, books that I love and re-read constantly, or signed copies by authors.

At home, I physically separate these from all my other books. I am still working out a better display method for them, but right now they are on their own shelf with some other sentimental moments.

[Vintage Books from my mother. Winnie the Pooh was hers when she was a youngster ]

[Signed copies from author readings]

[books I will read again-and-again]

[Various gifts from family and friends, most with personal heartfelt inscriptions]

xo, Kerstin

P.S. How do you organize and display your sentimental books?


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