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Lifestyle & Kitchen in my Amazon Cart

aka Everything is in "save for later" until we get our own place (again).

While living in New York I had to be very careful what I brought into the apartment. I used a very specific mantra to help curb my enthusiasm for home purchasing: If it didn't have a place, a purpose, or wasn't a constant need, it shouldn't be in my home. Keeping to this code helped me minimize what was in my life (mostly kitchen/living room) allowing me to have items I loved and used often; it also helped ensure I didn't monopolize a space I shared with roommates.

Though I know I can't purchase these items at the moment (reminder, we live with Mom and Dad), I have found myself fantasizing over items I can buy once we move into a home of our own. Here is what I have been looking at getting for the kitchen and general life, as splurge items, for our far future home.

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