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Home Office Reveal

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

In June I shared that T and I moved in with his parents in Massachusetts. We are really lucky and privileged that they had the space to welcome and accommodate us. T and I have been able to find corners of the basement to set up our office spaces since space upstairs is limited, and sitting at the kitchen table is unrealistic. This is my little slice of the stone. It is still a work in progress, but for the most part I am all set up. I repainted the walls, bought a new shelf and storage, and just have a couple more projects in mind (I want to hang art on the blank wall, I have plans for some chalk art on the door, I need an ergonomic chair, and have a weird corner of nothing).

My space

My Desk

I-Phone stand, laptop stand, monitor (yes, those are books), keyboard/mouse, deskpad, blue light glasses

Top of my filing cabinet

tissues, aromatherapy items, candle, recent magazines, mail and coupons

Top two shelves

Top Left: Lifestyle books, handpanted shoebox (full of stickers and stamps), books my poetry/art/writings have been published in, Shakespeare books

Top Right: business books, lifestyle books, sentimental Items

Bottom Left: Hard drive & tech storage, cookbooks

Bottom Right: Film, TV and Media books, paper filing systems, lists & writing prompt journals

Bottom Two Shelves

Top Left: Printer

Top Right: Everyday business reference items & resources

Bottom Left: Small Supply Storage, Film & TV reference items, resources, and books

Bottom Right: Paper Storage (notebooks & legal pads), and trash/paper bins

Weird corner of supply overflow

Paper Cutter, Heavy Duty Hole Punch, Heavy duty Stapler, Assorted Color paper, extra filing supplies

Shop my Office:

Chair (similar here)


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