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Freshman Dorm Room Reveal

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

I went to undergrad at a time when all freshman at my alma mater were required to live on campus. They still are, but I heard they have co-ed dorms now. I lived on the third floor of Crosby Hall. I was randomly assigned my roommate whom I met on move-in day -- I think we talked the first week, attempted meals, and then we never really saw or spoke to each other again. There were ten floors, each floor have 90 young women, and there were only six toilets total on each floor.

Though I had some experience "re-designing" my childhood bedroom, my dorm was going to be 100% my own. My mother wouldn't come in randomly and re-arrange, or re-organzize, or ask why I did what I did. All of it was either items I brought from home, or things I scoured from thrift stores and garage sales. Its fun to look back on about what I thought was important at the time, and to see what is still important to me now.

I didn't know that it was semi-normal for some to hire a designer to design their dorm room. I didn't think of contacting my roommates so we could have matching bedspreads or share the cost of a dresser. You can see what I found on Pinterest to inspire my next year's dorm room here.

My side of the room. My closet is on the right.

My desk.

Items on my desk.

Exterior of the Residence Hall.

Note: I had originally written a more beautiful, thoughtful post about my dorm room reveal, but then I realized it never saved. I went to triple check it and the entire blog post was just empty. No way to recover it....I was so distraught (internal drama) I considered not re-writing it and going straight to other home reveals. I didn't though. The whole point was to show my progression in home decor. So, though you never read the original, I hope you enjoyed my re-write.

Shop my Dorm Room below:

Travel Postcards (similar here), $8

Floor Lamp (similar here), $18

Mini Fridge (similar here), $159

Duvet Cover (similar here and here), $89-149

Sheet Set (similar here and here), $22-

Pillow Shams (similar here), $31-39

Bedside Lamp (similar here), $17

Alarm Clock (similar here), $14

Wall Art (similar here), $18

Bike Art (similar here), $40

Flower Art (similar here), $55

New York Black and White Photos (similar here), $25

Faux Floral Arrangement (similar here), $14

Trashcan (similar here), $15

Mini Table (similar here), $30

Bike Basket (similar here), $15

Peel and Stick Dry Erase (similar here), $13

Ribbon Bulletin Board (similar here), $30

Porcelain Clock (similar here and here),$30 - 54

Sticky Notes Set (similar here), $13

Desk Organizer (similar here), $20

If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission.


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