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Freshman Dorm Analysis

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

I revealed my freshman dorm room last week. I thought it would be fun to revisit and analyze my design choices.

I ended up using that bedspread for about a year when I lived in Brooklyn, 6+ years later. It's still something I absolutely love, though I don't sleep on a twin anymore. It was also the first item I bought for this room.

Most of the items are light green because that was the color theme of my tween/teen room.

For some reason I thought it was important to bring all my hobbies with me. They are overflowing under the bed. The whole point of University is to study! What was I thinking?

The pink bedside lamp has a fringe with microbeads. Soo 2002.

I loved this built-in desk and shelf unit. Though its really put-together here, I will eventually shove most of the decor in a box to make room for my practical items (aka textbooks).

The cabinet on the left I used as vertical closet for my folding clothes (you noticed no drawers right?).

There are books on that shelf that I still have, but still haven't read. Yikes.

Desks are made for function. Mine was full of deer and personal items which made it hard to actually work. Besides keeping some photos on the cork board wall, later I would move most of the stuff aside.

I can't believe I was silly enough to leave out all my personal files on my desk while living with a complete stranger. There are checkbooks, my passport, and my social security card in that stack. Now its all locked up.

My love of letter writing is still with me today. I had brought a huge amount of stationery. My Opa was my best penpal. Yay for snail mail!

This room was a big learning experience for me. Not only did I have a roommate for the first time ever, but I also learned how decor needs to be practical and functional in a small space. Most of these items never made their way back to college, or were sent right back to Goodwill at summer break when I packed everything up in my car and went home.

Shop my Dorm Room below:

Travel Postcards (similar here), $8

Floor Lamp (similar here), $18

Mini Fridge (similar here), $159

Duvet Cover (similar here and here), $89-149

Sheet Set (similar here and here), $22-

Pillow Shams (similar here), $31-39

Bedside Lamp (similar here), $17

Alarm Clock (similar here), $14

Wall Art (similar here), $18

Bike Art (similar here), $40

Flower Art (similar here), $55

New York Black and White Photos (similar here), $25

Faux Floral Arrangement (similar here), $14

Trashcan (similar here), $15

Mini Table (similar here), $30

Bike Basket (similar here), $15

Peel and Stick Dry Erase (similar here), $13

Ribbon Bulletin Board (similar here), $30

Porcelain Clock (similar here and here),$30 - 54

Sticky Notes Set (similar here), $13

Desk Organizer (similar here), $20

If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission.


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