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First Apartment Reveal

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

That's one small step for me. One giant leap for adulting.

I lived on campus for two years before I moved to an apartment that I shared with two of my fraternity sisters. Each of us had our own bedrooms and bathrooms which was absolutely heavenly (I had been sharing a bathroom with an entire floor for the past 2 yrs). The apartment came furnished, but I brought some items that made it more homely not only for myself but also for my roommates. This is when I started living away from home full-time, year round.

I am still attempting to track down photos of the remainder of my bedroom, as well as my bathroom setup. I am also trying to find the balcony, and entry. Will update once found.

Shop my apartment below:

Striped Throw Blanket (similar here), $19

Vera Bradley Napkins (similar here), $20 for 4

Vera Bradley Placemats (similar here), $20 for 2

Wire Basket (similar here), $21

Faux Flowers (similar here), $56

Jewelry Display Case (similar here), $20

Floor Lamp (similar here), $18

TV Console Table (similar here), $107

Bird Salt and Pepper Shakers (similar here), $4

Black Mirror (similar here), $129

Butterfly Wall Decals (similar here), $11

Champagne Flutes (similar here), $50

Champagne Saucers (similar here), $56

Lilly Pulitzer Picnic Basket (similar here), $345

Red Tray (similar here), $30

Vera Bradley Ribbon Board (similar used ones here), $20 - $40

Rooster Cannisters (similar here), $60

Desk Lamp (similar here), $17

Square Bulleting Boards (similar here), $17

Desktop Organizer (similar here), $35

Mousepad (similar here), $10

Bedside Table Lamp (similar here), $100

Bedside Table (similar here), $126

Jewelry Box (similar here),$40

If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission.


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