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An Announcement: We have moved.

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Photo courtesy of Unsplash Media

T and I are moving into a multi-generational living situation! Yes, you read that correctly. T and I are moving in with his parents in Longmeadow, Massachusetts.

Why? It makes the most sense for us in regards to our careers, our finances, and our future together. And it also makes a lot of sense for us right now. We were supposed to only stay with them for a couple of weeks starting at the beginning of April to social distance during COVID-19, and now it looks like we will be here for at least a year.

It will be a transition moving into a home where his parents' have made their lives for the past 15 plus years, and have been empty nesters for the past two. T stopped living with his parents when he left for college, though he did only live forty-five minutes away from them. I stopped living with my mom, spending the summers at her house, my third year in undergrad. I have always lived with roommates since 2011 (I shared rooms, and suites, apartments, and homes), but establishing boundaries while living with another couple will be a new challenge. This isn't a new concept for T's family-- his sister lived with her fiancé in her future-in-laws' home for over a year until they bought their own house.

This article offered me some pointers what I could do once we are fully moved in and how to manage living with parents. It did focus more on a recently graduated single adult who wasn't paying rent, utilities, or food costs, but it did bring up good points of respecting others, and being mindful of your actions in both shared and private spaces.

xo, Kerstin

P.S. What advice do you have about transitioning into a new living situation?


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